Why Fur-Eel Outperforms All Other Pet Hair Removers

Why Fur-Eel Outperforms All Other Pet Hair Removers


Pet hair cleanup can be a pain, especially since the hair seems to just get everywhere! You would think that a standard vacuum has enough power for the cleaning job, but pet hair tends to stick to surfaces as most vacuums do nothing but move the hair around. Buffbrite is here to change that with our amazing pet hair removal products, as they are specifically designed for this type of cleanup! Read below to find out what makes our tools the best and visit us online to shop today! 

Fur-Eel Vacuum attachment

The World's Fastest Pet Hair Remover

Do you find yourself having to constantly vacuum the same area just to remove pet hair, lint, and sand? This may have to do with your vacuum's suction tool, as most are not made to properly absorb this type of debris. Fur-eel Pro tools are made to clean this debris with ease and offer a five times faster cleanup than competitive products! With over 50,000 satisfied customers, you will not be disappointed! 

Fur-Eel Vacuum attachment

Polymeric Silicone Pulls Hair, Lint, and Sand Together

Our Fur-eel products are made out of polymeric silicone, which works wonders for pulling hair, lint, and sand all at the same time! Standard, plastic-made attachments do not have the qualities required to adequately pick up such debris, while silicone on the other hand is able to trap and hold the debris as it gets sucked away! 

Image of a vacuum making a clean streak in a dirty carpet

Easy to Use

We have made our products completely user-friendly, as all you have to do is simply attach your chosen tool to the vacuum and begin to clean. Each tool also comes with an instructional card and a link to a video tutorial so that you can know precisely how to use it! 

Fur-Eel Vacuum attachment

Works With Practically Any Vacuum

Our products fit over 90% of all vacuum cleaners, making them the perfect attachment for anyone. We want as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of our amazing pet hair cleaning tools, which is why we have also developed various adapters in case our standard fits do not work with your vacuum! 

Are you ready to rid your car and home of that annoying pet hair that just never seems to go away? If so, Buffbrite is here to help with our excellent pet hair removal products. Visit our website to find out more, and to order your products today! 

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