First Time Buyer? The Free Fang Pro II Fur-Eel is for YOU!

About Us

Here at Buff Brite we have a passion for the detail and car care industry.  After 40 years in the business of Auto Detailing we can't wait to start each day looking for exciting new ways to save you time and improve a detailers quality of life and work.

The Flamethrower family of products was our first offering and, WOW, has the industry taken notice. Tens of thousands sold in the first two years and everyone from auto manufacturers, collision repair shops and mobile detailers have praised their performance.

In 2019 we released the, vacuum lighting solutions, side of the Flamethrower series of products and thousands are enjoying easy lighting in one of the hardest areas to illuminate.

2020 has exploded with the release of the Flamethrower ll quick release system.  Now all the benefits of our classic system can be coupled with the ease of one handed removal and installation of all our lighting accessories.

The FurEel came along in 2020 and has swept (no pun intended) the globe!  It is the brain child and collaboration of Tom Smith from Boise Idaho and Allan Sorrig of Denmark.  Together they designed a tool that, flat out, destroys pet hair in a fraction of the time of any other tool.  It solves one of the biggest problems every pet owner or shop has to deal with.  Time is money and FurEel is the knock out push to this age old issue!

 What's next, don't worry, we are hard at work on our next round of innovations to make everyones life easier! Wish us Luck...

Please Feel Free to contact us with any questions or with distributor inquiries.