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Get Rid of Stubborn Pet Hair

in seconds...

Make Cleaning 5x Faster and Easy with Buff Brite, Your Solution for Quick Pet Hair Removal.

Get rid of pet hair from ANY surface...clothes, carpet, car seats...

Hooks right onto your vacuum

Simple to attach and use with standard vacuums.

Manufactured in The USA

Patented technology

30-day money-back guarantee

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Meet Worlds Fastest Pet Hair Remover

Effortless Removal from All Surfaces

Quicker and more effective

Designed specifically to tackle stubborn pet hair with ease.

Worlds Fastest Hair Remover

Won't damage fabrics or plastics

Give your Vacuum some


Transform your vacuum with our innovative solution, showcased in action-packed videos that highlight the dramatic difference it makes in pet hair removal. See the results for yourself.

What are our Customers Saying?

1000s of 5-Star Reviews


Pet Hair Removal

 is one click away

Choose your Fur Eel Combo

FAST Edition

Enhanced Durability

Superior Performance

30-day money-back guarantee



FASTER Edition

Double Efficiency

Advanced Design

10 times longer

300% longer teeth

30-day money-back guarantee




Dual Tool Efficiency

Durability and Design

Comprehensive Cleaning

Hammerhead Wide Mouth Attachment

Fang Mini Crevice Tool Adapter

30-day money-back guarantee


Does it work with my Vaccum?

90% of Vacuums Need NO adapter as Buff Brite works with all standard vacuums, so it can be used at home....and at car wash.

We also have attachments for Dyson/Shark/Shop Vac.

At Buff Brite, we embarked on a mission to solve the pervasive problem of pet hair removal, a challenge familiar to pet owners worldwide. Our journey began with a deep understanding of our customers' needs, leading to the creation of innovative solutions that effectively tackle stubborn pet hair on various surfaces. The heart of our success lies in our commitment to quality, evidenced by thousands of five-star reviews, and the trust we've built within our community.

The result?

250,000+ Units Sold

How We Compare

One-Step Operation

Removes Stubborn Hair

Safe on Pets

Quick & Easy Vacuum Attachment & Removal

Increased Vacuum Air Flow

Safe for Fabrics

Safe for Headliners

Won't Scratch Plastic


Made by Pet Owners
For Pet Owners

Crafted with love by a family of pet enthusiasts, our Fur Eel products are designed to solve real-world pet hair challenges. Join our community of satisfied pet parents enjoying cleaner, hair-free homes.

Family owned and operated

Made and Shipped from the USA

Over 250,000 units Sold

Fast LIVE Customer Support (Call 208-623-0003 )

100% Happiness Guarantee

Happy customers are our no. 1 priority so we offer a 30-day 100% happiness guarantee. If you’re not delighted with your purchase, you may return your package to us for a refund anytime within the first 30 days of your purchase. 

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