Returns Policy

We want you to feel secure and comfortable with your decision to purchase from Buff Brite Industries.  We accept returns for up to 30 days from the date of purchase with no re stock fee.  Shipping will be the purchaser's responsibility.  

We understand that shipping companies can be brutal on any item and we will gladly replace any damaged items right away at no cost to you.  We just ask that you email us and send us a Quick Video of the problem or call us so we can help diagnose the issue first.

The FurEel is a wear out item and just like tires the rubber will wear out, eventually.  Friction is the enemy so using even glass cleaner will act as a friction reducer.  Just a quick mist is all you need and it will also neutralize the static in the hair.  Also, let the brush glide and please don't use all those muscles from the gym to overpower the brush, you'll just push the hair in deeper.  Lastly, don't go, back and forth, quickly as this will build un-needed and excessive heat. You should get numerous dog hair removals from each brush but, just like a car tire, if you are to aggressive it will cut the life of the tool.  If you like to be aggressive, no problem, just stock up with one of our bundle kits and save some cash!

The Flamethrower is a LONG lasting tool.  The first one we sold is still in use and sees 4-5 polishing jobs a day.  In a perfect world we would warranty it forever but we just don't live in that place.  The aluminum frame has a LIFETIME warrantee and the Light and dampener have a  6 month warrantee from the date of purchase as long as there is no signs of abuse and extreme wear to the unit like getting run over by a car. (we know you would never do that but accidents happen)

At the end of the day we want you to be happy with your purchase and will do whatever we can to make that happen!

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