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Flamethrower ll Conversion Kit with Extra Hub

Flamethrower ll Conversion Kit with Extra Hub

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Already own a generation 1 Flamethrower polishing light? Want to convert it to a Flamethrower ll or lll? Here is your chance. For a limited time, get the Arm and 2 hubs for your existing Flamethrower and yet gain all the convenience of the Flamethrower ll & lll with their quick disconnect features.  It’s a true game changer and easily lets you move from tool to tool or remove it at times you don’t need a light. 

Kit comes with 2 hubs that can adapt to any polisher with their 8mm threads or 10mm adapter bushing for larger applications.  Kit also includes one New Flamethrower ll & lll arm and anti vibrational mount. 



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