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RIGID /SHOP VAC (Large Hose) Fur eel PRO Combo Kit

RIGID /SHOP VAC (Large Hose) Fur eel PRO Combo Kit

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Many people have the LARGE Rigid or Shop Vac (Craftsman etc) vacuums with the large 2.25 inch (outside diameter) hose end. 

This adapter will perfectly fit on the end of that hose and adapt it to our Fang adapter for the Fur Eel PRO. Made out of strong polycarbonate it will last well and is easy to handle for the large hose applications.  No need to switch to a smaller hose to get the benefits others are enjoying. Let the de-Furring begin! 

Kit Includes:

1    Fur eel PRO Pet Hair, Sand and Lint Remover

1    Fang Adapter for the Fur eel PRO

1    (Adapter C) Rigid /Shop Vac Adapter for the Large hose size                                                                                                                                                                                               

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